Nightmares suck. 😦


One of my most favorite that she has written. Hi Moon! 😉

Ramblings From Jewels

Has anyone happened to notice how lovely the moon has been for the past few nights?  I find myself looking up at the sky quite often.  During both the day and night.  Something about the sky inspires and astounds me.  I mean, do you realize that when you look up at the sky, you are gazing into infinity?  There’s no end.  It’s forever, eternity.  Of course our limited eyesight can only see to a certain distance, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are still looking into something that is limitless.  And to think that when we look at the stars, the light we are seeing shining is actually from the past because they’re so far away that it takes all that time to reach us.  Imagine before there were telescopes what ancient people thought about the sky and space and it’s limits.  I used to have a telescope. …

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